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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Direct Care Arizona and how is it different from other doctor's offices?

Direct Podiatry Arizona is a practice that uses a direct care model. We are out of network for all insurance plans. Because of this, our doctor can increase her appointment time with each patient, giving them the individualized care they need. Also due to not being constrained by insurance panels, our doctor is truly free to provide the best treatment options to our patients, without the limitations, and restrictions that health insurance companies can bring.


Does Direct Podiatry Arizona accept insurance?

No we do not accept insurance. Depending on the treatment plan, insurance companies may reimburse the patient after their visit for certain services. This is not a guarantee. If requested, a superbill can be provided to the patient for any possible reimbursement.


Can I use My HSA or FSA to pay for my Visit?

If you have an HSA or Flex Spending Account (FSA) , you may be able to use these funds to help pay for your visit. Consult your tax advisor for guidance on your particular circumstances.


If I have insurance, can I still be seen? Do you accept insurance?

You are allowed to see Dr. Tarr if you have insurance, we simply will not bill your insurance for the visit. You will pay us directly for care. Dr. Tarr is considered a non-participating provider.


Can I be seen if I have Medicare?

Unfortunately, due to  currently in-network for Medicare, we cannot accept any Medicare patients at this time. Dr. Tarr will be sure to announce when she can begin seeing Medicare patients at this location.


As a patient of Direct Podiatry Arizona, do I still need health insurance?

Yes as we do not replace your existing health insurance. There are certain types of care we cannot provide for you, such as  hospital stays, or advanced imaging, and you would still need insurance to cover these  situations. We suggest that members continue or opt to carry both a major medical plan and a health savings account (HSA) to ensure financial help should hospitalization or referral to another specialist be necessary.


What happens if I need additional labs, or imaging?

Arrangements will be made for you to get your labs at a facility of your choice. Charges for imaging will be required upfront with the imaging center that is scheduled.

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