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Fat Pad Atrophy Treatment in Phoenix, AZ

Fat pad atrophy is a common condition, especially among the aging population, that can be painful, and keep you from doing certain things from day to day. While there is no cure for fat pad atrophy, there are several treatment options to keep pain at bay, and get you back to doing the things you love. Scroll down to read more.

What is fat pad atrophy?

Fat pad atrophy, also known as foot fat pad atrophy or heel fat pad atrophy, is when the fat at the bottom of your foot is lost in an area. This can happen most commonly at your heel, or at the ball of your foot.

The fat pad of your foot is responsible for shock absorption and cushioning. When this fat is lost in an area, the result can be pain.

What causes fat pad atrophy?

Causes for fat pad atrophy include:

  • Age: As we move through life, fat loss is seen in many places all over your body, and your feet are no exception.

  • A history of injury, surgery or ulcer to the sole of your foot - Any time the fat pad of your foot is damaged, whether that is through an injury, cut during surgery, or having an ulcer that has since healed, can lead to permanent fat loss in the affected area and therefore fat pad atrophy.

  • Certain health problems - medical conditions like such as rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and obesity, can increase your risk of fat pad atrophy.

What are some signs of fat pad atrophy?

Symptoms of fat pad atrophy include:

  • Pain - often time this pain is seen after walking on a hard surface

  • Corns/calluses - Due to the loss of cushion, corns and calluses can form at the area of fat loss. 

How is fat pad atrophy diagnosed?

Fat pad atrophy  can be diagnosed by a doctor through a physical exam.

At times, additional imaging will be needed to make the diagnosis of fat pad atrophy like MRI or ultrasound.

What are treatment options for fat pad atrophy

Treatment: The goal of fat pad atrophy is to of fat pad atrophy aims to get rid of pain and increase the padding of the foot.These treatment options include:


  • Orthotics: Custom or over the counter orthotics can help remove excess pressure from areas of the foot affected by fat pad atrophy, relieving pain.

  • Padding: Adding padding around the areas of your foot experiencing fat pad atrophy also can help with pain.

  • Foot fillers: Fillers like hyaluronic acid, and other injectables like Sculptra and Leneva can add cushion to areas affected by fat pad atrophy, stimulate new collagen, or add fat to these areas.

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Fat Pad Atrophy Treatment in Phoenix, AZ

If you have been dealing with fat pad atrophy, and are interested in exploring your treatment options, Direct Podiatry Arizona. Dr. Tarr does offer a free 15-minute consultation. Click the following link to view available appointment times click here.

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