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Tailor's Bunion Pain Treatment in Phoenix AZ

Having a tailor's bunion that is painful can really impact your quality of life. Continue to scroll down to learn about everything tailor's bunion related on why they form, why they are painful, and possible treatment options. 

What is a tailor's bunion?

A tailor's bunion or bunionette is a smaller version of your typical bunion but that happens at the bottom of your 5th toe, also known as your pinky or baby toe. A tailor's bunion looks like a bump or lump. Most tailor's bunions are painless, and majority of people don't even realize they have one, but for some people, a tailor's bunion or bunionette is painful.

Why is my tailor's bunion painful?

The bump or lump at the side of your foot that you see is actually the head of a bone, specifically your 5th metatarsal. Once a tailor's bunion forms, the dislocation that happens can cause inflammation and pain or the surrounding skin and soft tissues. 

In addition to the tailor's bunion, bursitis can also develop. Bursitis happens when a bursae, a fluid filled sack, commonly found at larger joints becomes inflamed. Many times bursitis and tailor's bunion pain are seen together.

A tailor's bunion is technically a type of dislocation of your foot, but one that happens slowly and overtime. The pull on tendons or ligaments due to your pinky toe being out of place can cause pain. A tailor's bunion can rub against the inside of your shoe, also causing pain. A tailor's bunion can cause added pressure against certain nerves in your foot, also adding to your pain.

Treatment options for Tailor's Bunion pain

At Direct Podiatry Arizona, our focus is getting rid of your pain without surgery. If you are interested in non-surgical treatment options for your tailor's bunion pain, then our office is for you. Non-surgical options for tailor's bunion pain include:


1. Targeted Muscle Strengthening

Your foot has many different muscles and muscle groups in it. When certain muscle groups become weak, due to many things like injury, or subtle changes to your foot overtime, foot pain can happen, and tailor's bunion pain is no exception. Slowly strengthening these muscles overtime can help to get rid of your tailor's bunion pain.


2. Steroid Injection

For tailor's bunion or bunionette pain with added bursitis, a steroid injection can be used, in addition to other non surgical treatment options to help with tailor's bunion pain and inflammation

3. Supplements

Certain supplements, for example Bromelain, in addition to other non-surgical treatment options for tailor bunion pain can help to lower inflammation and therefore pain.

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Tailor's bunion pain treatment in Phoenix

If you are dealing with tailor's bunion or bunionette pain, and are looking for non-surgical treatment options, Direct Podiatry Arizona is here for you. To book a free, 15-minute consultation to learn if these treatments are right for you, click the yellow box below.

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