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Wound Care

Wounds can happen on the feet or legs for so many reasons. Those with diabetes, kidney disease, and poor circulation or blood flow are at increased risk for developing a wound or ulcer. The causes of a foot ulcer can vary. These ulcers, when they form can be very slow to heal, and increase the person's risk of infection, hospitalization, and amputation. An ulcer when found needs to be treated quickly to prevent these risks from happening. 

What kind of doctor treats foot ulcers?

A podiatrist or foot doctor is one type of physician that treats foot ulcers. At your appointment, the doctor will do a thorough exam, checking things like blood flow to the foot or leg in question. The wound or ulcer usually will be cleaned up, if need be. Measurements will be taken to be sure that the wound is actually healing. Photos of the ulcer might be taken as well to track the healing process. Available wound care products and a bandage will be applied. The podiatrist will talk to you about any additional things that can be done to speed up the healing process. Due to the nature of a foot or leg ulcer, wound care visits with your Podiatrist need to be done on a regular basis, until the ulcer heals. 

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Foot and leg ulcer care at Direct Podiatry Arizona

In need of a doctor to provide wound care for foot ulcers in the Phoenix area? Dr. Tarr and Direct Podiatry Arizona are here for you. Our office is located in Tempe. To book your free 15-minute consultation, click here.

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