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Foot pain

77% of Americans will deal with foot pain at some point in their lives. There are many reasons why foot pain happens. Foot pain is never normal and should be addressed. Scroll down to learn about the different foot pain types.

Metatarsalgia = Pain the the ball of the foot

  • Metatarsalgia has many different causes from fractures, joint inflammation, flat feet, high arched feet, corns, calluses, hammertoes, and the loss of cushion to the bottom of the foot.

  •  For certain causes of metatarsalgia, foot filler may be a treatment option to bring back cushion and padding in the feet, and allow you to get back to life pain-free.

Flat foot

  • Flat foot is also known as pes planus. Due to the change in arch height in your foot, having a flat foot can be painful.

  • Some symptoms of flat foot include pain, arthritis, corns, and calluses.  

Hammer toes

  • Hammer toes are the most common toe deformity seen.

  • There are many factors that would make someone more likely to develop a hammer toe such as having a high-arched foot.

foot pain direct podiatry arizona

Foot Pain Treatment at Direct Podiatry Arizona

 If you have been dealing with foot pain that has not improved in 5 days, feel free to contact us at Direct Podiatry Arizona. Dr. Tarr does offer a free 15-minute consultation. Click the following link to view available appointment times click here.

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