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Why I Offer A Same Day Podiatry Appointment

same day podiatry appointment

Life is unexpected, and things will pop up suddenly. Schedules change, day to day demands change. As a foot doctor and business owner, I understand this 100%. Because of this, I offer same day appointments to my patients in the Phoenix area. Please continue to read more about my reasons why

Why I Offer A Same Day Podiatry Appointment

1. Sometimes specific problems can't wait

  • One reason why I offer a same-day podiatry appointment is that specific injuries or infections in the foot, ankle, or leg, ideally need to be handled immediately.

  • Whether is trauma like a skin laceration, broken bone, or infection, these problems ideally need to be dealt with sooner rather than later. Many times these problems happen very suddenly.

  • By offering a same-day podiatry appointment to these patients, my office here at Direct Podiatry Arizona can help keep many of these patients from having to wait in the waiting room at an ER or urgent care center.

2. Not being contracted with insurance plans gives my office more flexibility

  • For outpatient doctors' offices that accept health insurance, their schedules are typically very tight. Any disruption or addition to the schedule can potentially leave many patients waiting in the waiting room to be seen.

  • At Direct Podiatry Arizona, my office is out of network for all insurance plans. Because of this, I am able to set my own schedule, and I am in control of how much time to devote to each patient, depending on their needs.

  • This is the beauty of being a direct care doctor, and why I designed Direct Podiatry Arizona around this model.

3. Same day appointments offer patients more convenience

  • Even if your foot problem isn't urgent or even an emergency, it's nice to have a doctor available who can see you the same day.

  • Maybe your schedule changed during the day, or maybe you suddenly have a free hour during your day.

  • For whatever reason, a same-day podiatry appointment is a great option to have your foot problem treated in a speedy fashion, no matter how big or small.

Key Takeaways

I'm proud to be able to offer a same day podiatry appointment to my new and existing patients. As long as your appointment is booked 2 hours before your preferred time, I usually will be able to accommodate your request. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact my office in Tempe, the telephone number and email address will be listed below.

Schedule Your Appointment At Direct Podiatry Arizona Today

Looking for a foot doctor that offers a same day podiatry appointment in Phoenix? My name is Dr. Tarr. I am a podiatrist and the owner of Direct Podiatry Arizona in Tempe, AZ. To view my available appointment times, click here.

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