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A Foot Doctor's Review of The Chaco Lowdown 2 Sandal

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

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chaco lowdown 2 sandal

The Chaco Lowdown 2 Sandal is a super versatile and comfortable sandal option designed for those that love the outdoors in mind. Whether you're hiking and exploring the natural landscapes of Sedona, or just going to get a smoothie in the neighborhood, these sandals offer a combination of support, durability, and style. These are my key takeaways, as a foot doctor, on the Chaco Lowdown 2 sandal



The built in arch is lower than other sandals this style, especially great for those with a low arch or flat foot

Doesnt come in half sizes

Can be worn in wet enviornments

Doesnt come in wide

Fits most bunions, hammertoes, and other toe deformities

Very lightweight

Key Features of the Chaco Lowdown 2 Sandal

  • Has adjustable, polyester straps that make it very easy to customize your fit. The straps are quick-drying and durable, making it difficult to unravel or fray.

  • The toe loop design gives extra stability for your foot inside of this sandal. This is helpful, especially during more rugged activities like hiking, or tubing down a river. The tow loop prevents your foot from sliding forward.

  • The footbed of the Chaco Lowdown 2 Sandal is made of LUVSEAT™ cushioned material that gives arch support to your feet but also places your feet in good alignment. Because of the molded footbed in this sandal made from LUVSEAT, these sandals are very comfortable to wear, even through strenuous activity all day. The footbed is also treated with a chemical to prevent odor-causing bacteria from growing.

  • The sole of this sandal is designed with Chaco’s ChacoGrip™ which gives excellent traction or grip on many different types of ground, from dry ground, or rocky paths, This also lowers your risk of slipping or falling.

  • Its minimalist design makes the Lowdown 2 sandal able to be worn in many different environments, from the outdoors to casual everyday wear. This sandal also comes in several different colors and patterns as well.

What foot type is the Chaco Lowdown 2 sandal best for?

The Chaco Lowdown 2 sandal is best for those with a pes planus foot type, also known a flat foot or just a lower-arched foot. Depending on personal preferences, the Lowdown 2 sandal could be worn by someone with a normal arch if they wanted a more “minimalist” design and feel to their sandals. I would not recommend this sandal for someone with a high-arched or cavus foot type

Is the Chaco Lowdown 2 sandal good for people with bunions, hammertoes, or other toe deformities?

Due to the design of this sandal, and the custom fit on the strapping, I do think that the Chaco Lowdown 2 sandal would be a good choice for those with bunions, hammertoes, or other toe deformities.

chaco lowdown 2 sandal

My personal experience with the Chaco Lowdown 2 sandal, as a foot doctor

In April of this year, I was in DSW just looking to see what was new in the store, and they were having a clearance sale. Tons of Chaco sandals were on clearance that day.

Being a foot doctor I’d heard of the brand, and wanted to try a pair, but never pulled the trigger. They were 40% off that day, and I figured this was my sign.

Because this sandal doesn't come in half sizes, I actually ended up sizing down. I usually don't recommend this because the shoe usually ends up being too small, but Chaco sandals run on the larger size, so sizing down ended up being perfect for me. The next size up ended being way too big.

For me personally, I have a low-arched foot. Not completely flat, but close. Any shoe with a normal to high arch will cause me a ton of pain. After trying on another Chaco sandal, I fell in love with these after trying them on in store. The arch is the perfect height for me.

The footbed is soft, and my foot feels secure, especially with the toe strap and the adjustable straps. I could wear these sandals all day long without my feet getting tired or being in pain.

I wear these shoes for my daily morning walks, also just to run errands. I have worn them tubing on the Salt River in Mesa and they did amazing there. Overall truly love these sandals so much, and I highly recommend them.

Chaco Women's Lowdown 2 Sandal

Chaco Men's Lowdown 2 Sandal

Overall the Chaco Lowdown 2 sandal is a sandal that versatile sandal that can be worn in so many different locations and environments. If you are looking for a sandal that is as close to doing it all as possible, this is it.

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