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Foot Doctor's Reviews the Feelgrounds Patrol Winter Boot

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When shopping for winter boots, people usually want to keep a couple of factors in mind. These include warmth, comfort, insolation, and durability. As someone who spent 7 years of my life living in Cleveland, OH, I have first-hand experience with many a winter boot. Feelgrounds, a German brand known for its minimalist footwear, has several options for fall and winter weather. Today I will be giving my thoughts on their Patrol Winter Boot. In this review, I'll talk about the key features of the Patrol Winter Boot and my overall experience with this winter boot option from Feelgrounds. Continue to scroll down to learn more.

A Foot Doctor's Reviews the Feelgrounds Patrol Winter Boot



  • wide, anatomical toe box

  • none so far

  • fleece lined

  • lightweight

  • cushioned ankle gusset

  • waterproof

Key Features of the Feelgrounds Patrol Winter Boot

Design and Construction:

The Feelgrounds Patrol Winter Boot like the majority of the shoes from Feelgrounds, has a beautiful, minimalist design. The upper of this boot is made from vegan leather. The Patrol Winter boot doesn't contain any materials sourced from animals, which makes this a great option for vegans, or anyone just looking for a pair of vegan shoes. The Patrol Winter Boot features a traditional lace-up system, allowing users to customize the fit according to their preferences.

One of the key features of the Feelgrounds Patrol Winter Boot, just like all of the shoes from this brand, is the wide, foot-shaped toe box. This toebox that is shaped to match your actual foot, instead of squeezing your toes together, allows your toes to move naturally, as nature intended when standing or walking. A foot-shaped toe box also allows your toes to naturally spread out during these activities, known as toe splay. Toe splay is important for foot stability and ensuring the being sure that your foot works normally.

Comfort and Fit:

One of the standout features of the Feelgrounds Patrol Winter Boot is its comfort. The wide toe box fits the natural shape of the foot, preventing squished toes and allowing for enough room for your feet to spread during each step. The anatomical toebox also can lower your risk of developing bunions and hammertoes in the future since you're toes will not be squeezed. The insole, though minimalist, provides adequate cushioning for a comfortable walking experience.

The boot is also very lightweight, coming in at roughly 14 oz.

The padded ankle collar helps with the overall fit of this boot, adding extra padding around your ankle for comfortable, long wear times.

Waterproof Design :

For me, one of the most exciting aspects of the Feelgrounds Patrol Winter Boot is that it is 100% waterproof. So feel free to wear these in rain or snow, your feet will continue to feel warm and protected from the harsh elements.

I have worn these boots to work many times during our at times wet winters here in Phoenix, AZ. Most people are surprised to learn that it does rain a good amount during December and January here in Phoenix. On the days that I wore my Feelgrounds Patrol Winter Boot while it rained, my feet remained dry and warm all day. Despite walking through so many puddles, in and out of cars, and walking between buildings with constant showers, my feet were dry and cozy.

What foot type is best for the Feelgrounds Patrol Winter Boot

Your foot in a traditional shoe vs a foot-shaped shoe. Original graphic from: 

A foot in your typical shoe vs a foot in your average minimalist shoe

Due to the shape of the Feelgrounds Patrol Winter Boot, his shoe can be worn by many different foot types including those with a normal. flat, or even high arch. For those people who have an extremely high arch, that is also rigid, shoes like, and other shoes, would be more difficult to wear.

Is the Feelgrounds Patrol Winter Boot Good For People With Bunions, Hammertoes, or Foot Issues?

Also due to the foot shape of the Patrol Winter Boot, this shoe is great for people with bunions, hammertoes, and other foot issues.

My personal experience with the Feelgrounds Patrol Winter Boot


This pair of hiking boots had been on my wishlist for some time when I finally received them for consideration. I love winter boots as a way to keep your feet warm in cooler to colder weather, protect them from rain, and just as a stylish footwear option to have in your wardrobe.

I went up on my size with these and ordered a size 10 instead of my typical 9.5 so that I could pair these with extra thick socks when in very cold climates.

Out of all of the shoes I own, the Feelgrounds Patrol Winter Boot is by far the most comfortable pair I own so far.

I love that even though the materials used to make this shoe are durable, they are also extremely flexible as well. I don't have pinching at the front of my foot whenever the boot is bent. I've worn these boots while moving out of my apartment, and my feet were able to move as naturally as possible. My toes had room to spread, and the sole was flexible enough not to get too much in the way of movement.

I've worn these boots also to work, and it was very comfortable to stand and walk in them for 6-8 hours a day as well.

Overall I'm so beyond happy with the Feekgrounds Patrol Winter Boot and am looking forward to trying more shoes from their line.

Key takeaways

The Feelgrounds Patrol Winter Boot combines a minimalist design while keeping comfort at the forefront.

Between the waterproof capabilities, the fleece/vegan fur lining, padded ankle collar, foot-shaped toebox, and soft vegan leather construction, the Feelgrounds Patrol Winter Boot is a great option for people looking for an all-around great fall or winter boot that will keep your feet comfortable all day, warm and dry.

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