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How To See A Podiatrist With No Insurance

podiatrist no insurance

I know from past personal experience, that not having health insurance can be stressful, to say the least. Trying to find a doctor with reasonable prices, or let alone just agree to see you with no insurance can be a long drawn-out, and potentially frustrating experience. One question that many people ask me when deciding if they should book an appointment with me as a foot doctor is, can I see a podiatrist with no insurance?

1. Can I See A Podiatrist With No Insurance?

Yes, you can see a podiatrist or foot doctor with no insurance. Here at my office, Direct Podiatry Arizona, I am out of network with all insurance panels. Some of my patients do carry health insurance and still decide to pay out of pocket to see me and are given a superbill to submit to their insurance company for possible reimbursement, but many of my patients actually have no health insurance.

2. How Much Does A Podiatrist Cost With No Insurance?

At Direct Podiatry Arizona, the cost of a new patient visit is $200, and for a return patient visit is $125. This does not include procedures, labs, or x-rays. To view my pricing fee schedule, click here.

3. What Are Some Tips For Seeing A Podiatrist With No Insurance

My main piece of advice for someone with no insurance trying to see a podiatrist or any other doctor would be to find out as much as you can about that office's pricing or free schedule. Doctor's offices should have transparent pricing available to uninsured and insured patients alike, unfortunately, this is not standard at many offices, but is with my office, due to me being a direct care doctor.

Having at least an idea of how much you will pay for your treatment helps to prevent any surprise costs once you sit in the exam chair.

Here at Direct Podiatry Arizona, I do offer a free 15-minute consultation to talk about any questions you have regarding your health problem, costs, and other concerns. Also, feel free to contact me by phone or email with any additional questions.

Key Takeways

Trying to see a podiatrist with no insurance can at times be a hassle, especially if you're trying to be seen at an office that is not equipped to deal with uninsured patients. Finding a podiatrist with transparent pricing is key to making your visit and treatment as smooth as possible.

Schedule Your Appointment At Direct Podiatry Arizona Today

Are you looking for a foot doctor in Phoenix that will see you with no insurance? My name is Dr. Tarr, I am a board certified podiatrist and the owner of Direct Podiatry Arizona in Tempe. To view my available appointment times, click here.

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