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The Best Over The Counter Inserts Recommended By Podiatrists

Updated: May 18

Orthotics or shoe insoles can be an important part of maintaining foot health for some people. It is important to find the right pair of orthotics that will work for your foot type, the style of shoes you wear, and your activity level. Custom orthotics can be pricey, and possibly due to this reason, someone might not want to spend the money on them. What is a person to do? Enter the world of over-the-counter or OTC orthotics.

OTC Orthotics are mass-produced for common foot types or ailments. Your foot does not have to be cast or scanned for OTC orthotics.

There are several quality brands and options for OTC orthotics that Podiatrists stand by. They will last you for years to come.

  1. Powerstep