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A Natural Therapy For Neuropathy? Naboso Product Review

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natural therapy for neuropathy
The foot recovery kit + recovery socks from Naboso

Neuropathy is a potentially life-altering and debilitating condition that is caused by nerve damage This can cause pain, tingling, and numbness, especially in the feet or hands. If you are someone living with neuropathy, and looking for additional ways to manage your symptoms and improve your quality of life naturally, products that incorporate surface science to rehab the tiny nerves on the soles of your feet have proven beneficial.

In recent years, Naboso Technology has been at the forefront of neuropathy management. Naboso products, designed to increase sensory stimulation through the feet, offer a unique approach to tackle the damage caused by neuropathy and offer a natural therapy for neuropathy.

A Natural Therapy For Neuropathy? Naboso Product Review

Table of Contents:

Understanding Neuropathy:

Before diving deep into the potential benefits of Naboso products for neuropathy, it is important to discuss neuropathy as a whole. Many factors, including diabetes, chemotherapy, certain medications, and traumatic injuries can cause neuropathy.

It often manifests as peripheral neuropathy, affecting the nerves outside the brain and spinal cord, also known as the peripheral nervous system or PNS. The peripheral nervous system is key in sending signals between the body and the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord). When the nerves of the PNS are damaged, the movement or normal nerve signals are interrupted, leading to the symptoms of neuropathy.

The most common symptoms of neuropathy are pain, tingling, numbness, and muscle weakness. Another hallmark of neuropathy in the feet are new development of hammertoes, bunions, and other toe deformities due to this muscle weakness.

Neuropathy, especially in the diabetic, or someone with PAD for peripheral Arterial Disease can lead to a type of sore or wound on the foot called an ulcer. A foot ulcer can be incredibly difficult to heal and lead to infections, hospitalization, and even amputation.

Conventional approaches to the management of neuropathy include things medications for pain relief, physical therapy, and lifestyle modifications. However, emerging therapies like Naboso Technology offer an added natural therapy for neuropathy, increasing nerve function and signals to improve the symptoms of neuropathy in the feet.

Naboso Technology Overview:

Naboso Technology, developed by fellow Arizona podiatrist and human movement specialist Dr. Emily Splichal, focuses on the importance of nerve stimulation for optimal foot function and overall nerve health. The word "Naboso" comes from the Czech language, meaning "barefoot."

The core principle of Naboso Technology revolves around the therapeutic benefits of barefoot stimulation and the positive impact it can have on the nervous system.

Naboso products, such as insoles and mats, are designed with different textures and sensations that stimulate the nerves on the soles of the feet through increased sensory feedback. The incorporation of these textures has been shown to improve many symptoms associated with neuropathy. as it addresses the compromised sensory feedback associated with the condition.

Consistently exposing your feet safely to more sensation through the textured products offered by Naboso can help retrain the nerves in your feet to respond to appropriate signals, and can be used as a natural therapy for neuropathy.

Benefits of Naboso As A Natural Therapy For Neuropathy:

natural therapy for neuropathy
The recovery socks from Naboso

1.Increased Proprioception and Balance:

  • Neuropathy often leads to diminished proprioception (the body's awareness of its position in space). Naboso insoles and mats can stimulate the nerve endings on the soles of the feet, therefore increasing proprioception.

  • Better proprioception leads to better balance and stability, lowering the risk of falls—a common concern for people with neuropathy.

2. Increased Stimulation:

  • Naboso products provide different and changing sensory inputs, activating a wide range of nerves on the soles of the feet. This increased sensory stimulation can help counteract the lowered sensation that can come with neuropathy.

  • The diverse textures of Naboso insoles and mats engage the nerves differently, creating a more well-rounded stimulation experience. This is especially important for people with diabetic neuropathy, a type of neuropathy caused by the high blood sugars from diabetes,

3. Neuroplasticity and Nerve Regeneration:

  • Neuroplasticity means the brain's ability to adapt, reorganize, and slightly change itself in response to sensory input. Naboso aims to use neuroplasticity to help your body start nerve regeneration and repair and therefore is a great option as a natural therapy for neuropathy.

  • By providing targeted and specific sensory stimulation to the feet, Naboso products may help with the reorganization of nerve pathways, potentially promoting nerve regeneration in people with neuropathy.

4. Pain Management and Sensory Distraction:

  • Chronic pain is a common symptom of neuropathy that can be disabling due to its severity. Naboso insoles and mats may serve as a form of sensory distraction, redirecting the brain's attention away from pain signals, and therefore decreasing pain.

  • The tactile stimulation offered by Naboso products can create a more pleasant and sensory experience, possibly lowering your pain perception.

5. Improved gait or walking

  • Neuropathy often leads to changes in how you walk or gait, and this can make walking harder and lead to an increased risk of falls. Because Naboso insoles have a unique texture that can increase the signals coming from the soles of your foot, these products can change how you walk for the better by promoting better foot placement, weight distribution, and overall biomechanics.

  • By altering the sensations you receive on your feet, and therefore how you walk, people with neuropathy may experience more mobility and less strain on other joints, lowering the secondary complications that can arise from changing walking patterns.

6. A Home-Based Neuropathy Management:

  • Naboso insoles and mats provide a convenient and easily accessible option for dealing with neuropathy symptoms at home. People can integrate these products into their daily routines, increasing the benefits of sensory stimulation and lessening the need for specialized equipment or frequent clinic visits.

7. Complementary to Existing Therapies:

  • Naboso Technology can complement existing neuropathy treatments, such as physical therapy, medications, supplements, injections, and lifestyle changes. Integrating Naboso products into a multi-faceted approach may increase the overall effect of neuropathy management.

  • The versatility of Naboso products allows people to incorporate sensory stimulation into various activities like walking, running, or stretching, leading to a holistic and personalized approach to neuropathy care, and a natural therapy for neuropathy.

My Personal Experience With Naboso Products

I was sent the Foot Recovery Kit as well as the Foot Recovery Socks from Naboso for review.

The Foot Recovery Kit includes a pair of their activation insoles, a neuro ball, and a pair of their toe spacers known as splay.

The Foot Recovery Kit offers a wide array of products for many different uses and would be great to include for someone who is interested in natural therapy for neuropathy, or for someone trying to take the extra step (no pun intended) with their foot health like me,

1.Recovery Insoles

The Recovery Insoles are on the thinner side and flexible, which is actually a good thing because these insoles can fit in many different shoes including tennis shoes, athletic shoes, loafers, and flats.

It's important to note that these insoles will not hold your foot in a specific position like an orthotic does. The purpose of these insoles is to increase the sensations that the sole of your foot receives, send these messages to your brain, and then from there aid in neuroplasticity, and management of neuropathy symptoms.

2. Neuro ball

natural therapy for neuropathy
The neruo ball from Naboso

The neuro ball has a similar texture to the Recovery insoles, and is great to use after a long day of being on your feet, or after long activities like walking, hiking, or working out. The neuro ball is also great to use in cases of plantar fasciitis. Out of all of the Naboso products, this one is probably my favorite.

3. Toe spacers

Toe spacers from Naboso are a form of passive stretching for your toes and feet. If you're wearing shoes that aren't foot-shaped, or have an anatomical foot box, the squeezing of your toes inside shoes daily, over the decades can also lead to toe deformities like bunions, and hammertoes. Even other foot issues like neuromas or plantar fasciitis can be caused by wearing too tight of shoes.

4. Recovery Socks

The Recovery Socks from Naboso have a textured interior, just on the bottom of the sock, similar to the neuro ball and insoles. These are great to walk around in at home during the day. The recovery socks are my second favorite product from Naboso.

As a foot doctor, who deals with the effects of neuropathy in my patients daily, Naboso Technologies offers an additional, integrative approach to managing the symptoms of neuropathy.

Even for people without neuropathy, if you are interested in taking your foot health to the next level, Naboso, their commitment to barefoot science, and aiding your feet to become the best they can be, is A-1. I fully recommend Naboso products to you reading this today, as well as my patients in the office, as a natural therapy for neuropathy.

Key takeaways:

natural therapy for neuropathy
Splay toe seperators from Naboso

The potential benefits of Naboso products for those with neuropathy are great. By leveraging the principles of surface science, and increased sensory input to the soles of your feet, people with neuropathy can explore a non-invasive and home-based approach to managing their symptoms.

Increased proprioception, increased sensory input, neuroplasticity, pain management, improved gait, and the convenience of home use make Naboso a promising added natural therapy for neuropathy.

It is important to note that while Naboso products show promise in neuropathy management, everyone is different. As with any medical intervention, people with neuropathy should consult with their doctor to see if Naboso products are right for them as a part of their care plan.

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