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  • Access to your doctor by phone, text, or email

  • Same day appointments

  • Online appointment requests and scheduling

  • Virtual or in-person visits

  • No rushed appointments

  • Extended appointment times

  • Don't have to worry about waiting on your doctor. 

  • A personal relationship with your doctor

  • A smaller practice means better-focused care

  • Innovative treatment options

About Us

Welcome to Direct Podiatry Arizona!

Direct Podiatry Arizona is a unique practice, whose goal is to provide the highest quality health care possible. Our practice model allows our doctor to truly be able to take the time to spend with each patient, to get to the root cause of patient concerns, and to provide innovative treatments. We are Located in Tempe, AZ, the heart of the East Valley, and serve those in and around Phoenix, Maricopa county, AZ

What is Direct Care?

Our practice follow a direct care model. By remaining out of network for all insurance plans, this leaves our doctor available to spend more time with each patient, to be avaliable out of office with any questions or concerns you may have, and allows for innovative, cutting edge, and integrative treatment options to be used, not usually available in an insurance based practice.


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