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A Foot Doctor's Review of the Brooks Hyperion Tempo

Updated: Jul 25

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Brooks, a highly respected brand in the running community, has shoe offerings that can be worn by many different people, including those that stand for hours a day at work, gym goers, athletes, walkers, or just someone who wants a quality athletic shoe for their everyday life. The Brooks Hyperion Tempo, fits the bill, and is a shoe that I personally, as a foot doctor wear in many different ways for my everyday life. Let's dive deep into The Brooks Hyperion Tempo, and my thoughts on this potentially multi-faceted shoe.



Ultra lightweight materials

Only comes in regular width

Breathable mesh upper

Cushioning aids in energy return

Key Features of the Brooks Hyperion Tempo

1. Breathable mesh upper fabric

  • This breathable mesh upper fabric ensures that the Brooks Hyperion Tempo gets enough ventilation to prevent excessive sweat, and extra movement of your foot inside the shoe, and lowers your risk of developing blisters.

  • The mesh upper as well provides a snug fit to the top and sides of your foot while wearing this shoe as well.

2. Ultra-lightweight materials

  • This shoe is made with lightweight materials at the focus, and because of this, only weighs 7.8oz. The Brooks Hyperion tempo is very comfortable to wear because of this.

3. Neutral support

  • The support for the Brooks Hyperion Tempo is neutral, meaning that for a foot that doesn't overpronate or supinate when standing, walking, or running, this shoe will be a great choice.

4. 8 mm heel drop

  • For those with a low arch, flat foot, or like just less excess cushioning in their shoes altogether, the Brooks Hyperion Tempo offers an 8mm heel drop.

  • The Brooks Hyperion Tempo is great for those people who want to feel more of a connection with the surfaces they are walking, standing, or running on.

  • This 8 mm heel drop is also great for those wanting to transition to a zero-drop shoe, as this heel drop is less than the average heel drop of 10-12 mm on most athletic/running shoes.

5. DNA Flash Foam

  • The sole of the Brooks Hyperion Tempo is made from its proprietary DNA Flash Floam, which is also lightweight, but responsive, which helps to propel you forward after a long day at work, or during a tough run.

What foot type is the Brooks Hyperion Tempo best for?

This shoe is best for those with a normal-width foot. Those with a narrow or wide foot would have difficulty wearing the Brooks Hyperion Tempo, and should look into other designs from Brooks. As to arch height, the Brooks Hyperion Tempo is best for those with a normal to low arch. Those with a high arch or cavus foot possibly could run into issues wearing this shoe due to the fact that this shoe does not have a higher arch built into its construction. Due to the neutral support of the Brooks Hyperion Tempo, for those with either over-pronation or supination, this shoe might not be the best choice, and it would be better to go with another shoe option from Brooks, or another brand altogether

Is the Brooks Hyperion Tempo good for people with bunions, hammertoes, or other toe deformities?

Depending on how severe the deformity is, the Brooks Hyperion Tempo is a good option to choose. For larger or more severe bunions, hammertoes, and other toe deformities, the toebox of the Brooks Hyperion Tempo may not offer as much room, ensuring a comfortable fit, and no rubbing of toes against the inside of the shoe, leading to calluses or blisters, like other shoe brands may offer.

My personal experience with the Brooks Hyperion Tempo, as a foot doctor

Brooks Hyperion Tempo
Me, working out in my pair of Brooks Hyperion Tempo

I bought my pair of Brooks Hyperion Tempo in 2021. Brooks is a brand that has received the seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association or APMA for their commitment to designing shoes with foot health and proper biomechanics in mind.

Many doctors, including myself, tend to be on their feet the majority of the day, walking room to room, seeing patients, speaking with patients, or performing procedures. Due to my history of plantar fasciitis, I knew I needed a shoe that would hold up to the demands of my career. The Brooks Hyperion Tempo has lived up to expectations. I also have used this shoe for workouts at the gym, long walks around my neighborhood, or paved walking trails, which the Brooks Hyperion Tempo has all done well in.

These shoes have a lot of miles now, 2 years later, and I've since added to my Brooks family of shoes with the Launch 9 and Cascadia 15. I don't wear these shoes nearly as often as I once did, but my time with them was nothing short of spectacular and helped keep my feet healthy and pain-free all day. I, as a foot doctor, do recommend the Brooks Hyperion Tempo, to my patients, and to you reading this as well.

The End

The Brooks Hyperion Tempo is a stand-out shoe popular with runners and everyday people alike. Between its very lightweight design, more minimal heel drop, but yet some cushioning, this is a shoe that can be worn in several different activities, for work like me, or just running errands. The Brooks Hyperion Tempo is a great shoe to add to your closet.

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