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A Foot Doctor Reviews The Brooks Launch 10

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When it comes to running shoes, few brands can compete with the reputation of Brooks. Brooks has been around for over 100 years, and consistently gives runners and those who just want high-quality shoes, innovative and high-performing footwear. Brooks has many different shoes that stand out, one of these being the Launch series. The 10th version of this shoe is called the Launch 10. The Brooks Launch 10 was designed to cater to runners looking for speed, comfort, and performance. The Brooks Launch 10 is also a great shoe option for people who aren't runners but are looking for a shoe that is great to wear for a job that can be physically demanding, for gym workouts, for walks around the neighborhood, or for daily errands around town.

Pros and Cons of the Brooks Launch 9 Shoe



  • Comes in medium and wide widths

  • none :)

  • Lightweight cushioning

  • Very breathable materials

Key Features of the Brooks Launch 9 Shoe

1. BioMoGo DNA technology

  • The cushioning in the Brooks Launch 10 adapts to each step you take This innovative cushioning system adapts to each runner's stride, providing a responsive and energized ride.

2. Neutral support

  • The support for the Brooks Launch 10 is neutral, meaning that for a foot that doesn't overpronate or supinate when standing, walking, or running, this shoe will be a great choice.

3. Extremely comfortable and lightweight

  • Due to the Brooks Launch 10 coming in a wide and medium widths, this shoe can fit so many foot types

  • The padded tongue and collar offer a soft feel around the ankle.

  • The shoe is overall very lightweight, coming in at 7.4 oz, making it effortless to do many activities from running or working out with the Brooks Launch 10

4. Breathable materials

  • The Brooks Launch 10 uses an abundance of lightweight, breathable materials, which provides much-needed ventilation to the feet, especially when being active.

What foot type is the Brooks Launch 10 best for?

Due to this shoe coming in both wide and medium widths, the Brooks Launch 10 can be worn for many foot types. For the question of arch height, the Brooks Launch 10 would be ideal for someone with a low arch, flat foot, or normal arch foot. For those with a high arch, or cavus foot type, the Brooks Launch 10 might not have enough of a built-in arch to support this foot type, though an orthotic or shoe insert can be easily added to give additional comfort. Due to the neutral support of the Brooks Launch 10, for those with either over-pronation or supination, this shoe might not be the best choice, and it would be better to go with another shoe option from Brooks, or another brand altogether.

Is the Brooks Launch 10 good for people with bunions, hammertoes, or other toe deformities?

The toe box of the Brooks Launch 10 is also wide enough to accommodate most bunions, hammertoes, and other toe deformities.

My personal experience with the Brooks Launch 10, as a foot doctor

My go-to shoes for work and also workouts have been the Brooks Launch series, previously Launch 9, and now the Launch 10. The majority of my week is spent in these shoes, and I wouldn't have it any other way. The Brooks Launch series is lightweight enough that you feel that connection to the ground, and can be agile enough for your feet to get a tough workout in, but offers some cushioning for those times that you have to stand all day at work.

Personally, I have a low-arched foot, and the Brooks Launch series has done me well. I also have a history of plantar fasciitis as well and have never had any issues with any kind of foot pain from wearing these shoes daily. I stand by the Brooks Launch 10, and recommended them to my patients, and the public alike.

The End

The Brooks Launch 10 is a new, fresh, and updated version of a long-standing shoe design, from Brooks. Brooks is a brand loved by runners and just people who are focused on their foot health and wellness. The Launch 10's very lightweight design makes this a shoe that can be worn in several different activities, for work like me, or just running errands. The Brooks Launch 10 is a great addition to any person's shoe rotation.

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