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Nail Conditions

So many diseases or types of injuries can cause issues with your toenails. Injury, health problems, medications, and infection can all affect how your toenails will grow. 

Common Problems With Toenails

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Ingrown nail

 The corners of your nail will become curved and put pressure on the surrounding skin of your nail. This can lead to pain, redness, and swelling. Sometimes the nail will actually break the skin and continue to grow down into your toe. Any break in the skin increases the risk of infection.

Toenail condition treatment at Direct Podiatry Arizona in Tempe, AZ

At Direct Podiatry Arizona, Dr. Sondema Tarr offers a full range of treatment options for different toenail conditions and problems. If you are having issues or concerns with your toenails, request an appointment online to schedule a consultation with Dr. Tarr. 

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