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Why is diabetic foot care important?

Diabetic foot care and foot care of other high-risk populations (those with neuropathy or poor circulation to their feet) is crucial to the prevention of wounds, ulcers, infection, or amputation.

What is done at a Diabetic Foot Care (DFC) Visit?

Once you sign into our office. Dr. Tarr will take you back to the exam room, and go over your medical history. She will then do an exam, checking for things like blood flow to your feet, nerve sensation, and any skin changes associated with a possible wound or ulcer. At this point, your toenails and possible calluses can be trimmed in a safe and sterile manner. Any skin changes can be addressed and treated at this time as well.

Other than diabetics, who else can benefit from a routine foot care appointment with a Podiatrist?

Many types of people can benefit from this type of appointment, here are some groups that could benefit from a visit from a Podiatrist for their foot care. This list includes those diagnosed with:

  • Peripheral Arterial Disease or Peripheral Vascular Disease

  • Peripheral Neuropathy

  • Chronic Kidney Disease

  • Previous Stroke

  • Individuals that are older and/or people of any age that have a difficult time being able to reach their feet to perform foot care

diabetic foot care center

Diabetic and Routine Foot Care at Direct Podiatry Arizona

Dr. Tarr is available to help with all of your diabetic foot care needs, including nail and callus care, also yearly diabetic foot exams. Regular foot care is extremely important for people with diabetes. To be seen by Dr. Tarr, click here for available appointment times

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